Hi, I'm Brydie

Graphic Designer



I grew up in rural South Australia, on Kangaroo Island where went to school until I started boarding school for high school. This Is where I found my passion for design, and from here I went on to complete a Bachelor of Communication Design (Graphic Design) at the University of South Australia.


I have two loves in life… Design and Gin! For those who know me, know that I am very enthusiastic about all things gin, I enjoy the entire process, history, final product and its design and of course, the taste! If you have seen my bottle business cards, that would sum it all up for you.


My love of design is what allows my creativity to thrive through all of my work. I have a very corporate, elegant, clean style; however, I adapt to using other techniques and styles that is required to gain the best results for clients and their desired target audience. I have a diverse portfolio of work that ranges over a lot of mediums, I have experience in print design, retail and signage, Packaging design & Website design.

If you’re interested in getting to know me or my work or even in need of a gin cocktail recipe, feel free to contact me on 0418 553 472.


I look forward to meeting you over a G+T!