Poster Design

The brief given for this project was to create a graphic element, that visually portrayed the three words of humanity, Community & Innovation

I made a clear and good connection between all three. It started with the word ‘Human/Humanity’. I got down to the fundamentals that create humanity and kept it going, this for me was blood, as this is responsible for keeping the organs functioning.

Blood also was relevant to ‘community’ as, I saw this as people share the same blood type. Furthermore, we donate and share blood to help each other, linking us together as a community. This idea was relevant to the word ‘Innovative’ as the shape, texture, colours complexity of a blood cell, could create a very interesting visual aspect. The different colours are suppose to visually show in an abstract way the process of a blood cell, Oxygenated -
De-oxygented and how they change colours depending on the process they are at.
  Conveniently, this works well with the CEIH guide lines of the use
of circles.

I decided to use an infographic to demonstrate use of the graphic as this is was would be used most in the health Industry, to educate their audiences. The design also works best in this setting, getting the information right to the desired audience with
a nice aesthetic.

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