The Wild


The brief I had to follow for this project was to create an innovative design piece in response to the chosen topic of Wildlife recovery after the kangaroo Island bushfires and to educate the people that are unaware of the affects this had.

Target audience: Travellers aged 18 – 25 and individuals that are already apart of groups wildlife groups.

 In response to this brief, I decided that creating an entire campaign with an infographic animation was the best way to educate my target audience. I started off researching the animals affected most, the statistics and how this has created on going affects. Luckily, due to being a Local and being present during the fires I was able to referee back to my photos and memories of that time. From this It was highlighted to me that showing the numbers in a visual way would lend to a dynamic way. This is where the stipple technique was implemented not only did this show individual it also created visually appealing aesthetic. 

The reason behind using a particular segment of the animal was to really emphasise the ethos in campaign. To further evoke an emotion response from the audience, I used a colour scheme that reflected what it looked like to be present in a bushfire.


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