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A publishing house empowering young adults whom are eager to achieve their goals, whether its saving money or starting up a business, through the influence of books. Up -and – Coming Specialises in publishing books that inspire the new generation of entrepreneurs. – Reading for a purpose.

 To create an overall theme for the brand of Up & Coming, I decided creating a very simple and minimalistic theme would be most appropriate for the brand. The idea behind the theme being Simple and minimalistic was to visualise getting straight to a point or reaching a goal.

 To further identify the books with the Brand of Up & Coming, I decided to make all the book titles enclosed with in a block, much like the logo. I also made all the graphics all the same style to create a stronger overall theme. By doing this the books displayed a visually pleasing aesthetic overall using contract, harmony and Unity.

 So that all the books don’t blend all into one genre, I have tried to seperate them into the three sections by using a different type face for the title per genre.  For the non-fiction I went for Unique modern, serif typeface. This was done as I believed the sophisticated type face suited the books themselves and the genre. Fiction I decided on a very modern, easy going sans serif font to show a much more relaxed feel for the genre as this genre isn’t as much about learning as the others.

 Lastly, the Education Font I chose a font that I thought Identified most for learning. This font I thought looked similar to a typewriter font.

 Another way to seperate the genres was to use a very limited and set colour scheme per genre.  To decide on the colours I did some research into the Physiologic Emotional triggers to certain colours. This is what I found: 


Purple: Inspiration 
Green: Awakening 

Orange: Joy
Blue: Trust, Discovery

Pink: Creativity
Red: Courage & Drive


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