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This project was a part of a group project. The group was given brief to design and develop a tool that would help the target audience of young mothers understand the meaning of mental fitness and how they can improve their mental fitness.

My idea of how to develop this was creating a foundation that aims to support young mums. This is called #youngrmums, this miss-spelling and hashtag of this name is to appeal to our target audience that is more technological and in the age group of 12-25.

From research and speaking to young mums, I found that a lot of young mums don’t like the stigma of having things available to them that are well above their age, just because they have a child. This was created so that the mother can still have personal things that they like, that doesn’t take away their identity once they have a child. Conformed into one identity as a mother.

The next part of this is merchandise that advertises the younrgmum community to others, connecting young mums or allowing partners to help. Half of the merchandise is beneficial for the mother and can create ease with day-to-day tasks that comes with being a mother. The other has been considered for mum herself, so that she can style herself the way she would like.


*This work was awarded by Match Studio & SA Government. 

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